informal fallacies

Argument from repetition
Appeal to ridicule
Argument from ignorance
Begging the question
Burden of proof
Circular cause and consequence
Contunuum fallacy
Correlation does not imply causation
fallacies of distribution
Fallacy of many questions
Causal oversimplification
Historian's fallacy
False attribution - contextomy
False compromise
False cause
Gambler's fallacy
Imcomplete comparison
Inconsistent comparison
Intentional fallacy
Loki's Wager
Raising the bar
Perfect solution fallacy
Proof by verbosity
Psychologist's fallacy
Regression fallacy
Retrospective determinism
Special pleading
Suppressed correlative
Wrong direction

formal fallacies

Ad Hominem
Appeal to probability
Bare assertion fallacy
Base rate fallacy
Conjuction fallacy
Correlative based fallacies
- Denying the correlative
- Suppressed correlative
Fallacy of necissity
False dichotomy
Irrelevant conclusion - Ignoratio Elenchi
Homunculus fallacy
Masked man fallacy
Naturalistic fallacy
Nirvana fallacy
Negative Proof fallacy
Package-deal fallacy
Red Herring
Relavist fallacy


Affirming a disjunct
Affirming the consequent
Denying the antecedent


Existential fallacy
Proof by example

formal syllogistic fallacies

Affirmative conclusion from a negative premise
Fallacy of exlusive premises
Fallacy of four terms
Illicit major
Fallacy of the undistributed middle

faulty generalizations

Cherry picking
Converse accident
False analogy
Hasty generalization
Loki's Wager
Misleading vividness
Overwhelming exception
Spotlight fallacy

red herring fallacies

Ad Hominem
Appeal to authority
Appeal to belief
Appeal to consequences
Appeal to emotion
- Appeal to fear
- Wishful thinking
- Appeal to flattery
- Appeal to spite
Appeal to force
Appeal to motive
Appeal to novelty
Appeal to poverty
Appeal to tradition
Appeal to wealth
Argument from silence
Association fallacy
Chronological snobbery
Genetic fallacy
Judgemental language
Nostalgia fallacy
Poisoning the well
Sentimental fallacy
Straw man
Style over substance fallacy